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Владислава Краснокутская, олимпиада "Голос Країни"
Vladislava is a student at the Kiev University named after Borys Hrinchenko, Institute of Journalism (Publishing and editing), freshman. “ I love modern dancing and sport.”


Ольга Поправка, олимпиада "Голос Країни"
Olha is a student of Borys Hrinchenko Kyiv University , Institute of Journalism (Advertising and Public Relations), freshman.”I love to play the guitar and to travel, I want to become a success advertizer.”


A professional saxophone player, teacher, assistant of sound engineer and stageman . “I wish every participant inspiration and masterful execution and the teacher – a great listening pleasure of their students in the concert hall.”

Alexandr Ilyin

АЛЕКСАНДР ИЛЬИН, олимпиада "Голос Країни"
“First of all, I wish that each participant was able to reveal his qualities, to show what he can. And, of course, I wish you more freedom and inspiration.”


ВЛАДИМИР СОРОКА, олимпиада "Голос Країни"
Vladimir is a professional musician, who helps participants of the Olympics on the stage to feel confident. At the Olympics, Vladimir is a stageman.


Виктория Булавка, олимпиада "Голос Країни"
A student at the Kiev University named after Borys Hrinchenko, Institute of Journalism (Advertising and Public Relations), freshman.” I choose to travel, to organize various activities. Plans for the future are to achieve success in my profession.”


Юлия Мигитко, олимпиада "Голос Країни"
A student of the Kiev University named after Borys Hrinchenko, Institute of Journalism (Advertising and Public Relations). “I love to draw, take pictures and travelling. The main plan for future is to live now and here…”


ВАЛЕНТИН ЛЯШЕНКО, олимпиада "Голос Країни"
Valentin Lyashenko is a musician and a teacher. Education is the Kiev Institute of Music named by R.M.Glier. I really like to teach. I figured it out gradually. It was interesting to teach something, and see the result. Teach so that the child understands. I noticed that one pupil needs his own way of explanation, and the other needs other. I really like this process .


Tatiana Petrashenko is an Olympics administrator, assistant for all participants, parents and teachers. Tatiana will meet you at the event with a smile and inspire you to victory!

ANASTASIA Oleinikova

АНАСТАСИЯ ОЛЕЙНИКОВА, олимпиада "Голос Країни"
Creative young people,I have no doubt that you are all, without exception, talented! But the winner in each category should be only one, and for “laurels” need not only liters of sweat from work, but also talent. Hopefully, the days of the competition for each of you will be a holiday, the experience gained from that has already become a precious reward. Good luck and inspiration to you!

Elena Stupak

ЕЛЕНА СТУПАК, олимпиада "Голос Країни"
I wish the participants to shine brightly on the stage and in life, to reach new heights and strive for new victories! It’s nice to be part of your development. Good luck!

ANNA Vigura

АННА ВИГУРА, олимпиада "Голос Країни"
Music Competition is an indescribable atmosphere of creativity and positive, memorable performances and new achievements. Thanks to the energy of participants, the team and the organizers of the Olympics – “The Voice of the Country” is an event worthy of the attention of creative, talented, aspiring to new heights of musicians and vocalists. Be a part of this musical action! It’s an unforgettable experience! I wish everyone to experience it!