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Greeting to contestants of "The voice of the Country" competition

професор Максим Тимошенко, Музыкальная олимпиада "Голос Країни"


Chancellor of the National Music Academy named after P.I. Tchaikovsky,
President of the Ukrainian national environmental organization “Green Cross”,
Honored Artist of Ukraine

I sincerely congratulate you – and all of us – upon receiving the first place in the team event at the XIV All-Ukrainian Music Olympiad. For the third time in a row, our institution was recognized as the best among music schools in Ukraine.

I am sincerely grateful to all the students who participated in the competition! I am proud of the contestants who won prizes! A deep bow to the teachers who prepared their students for music competitions!

May this victory become an important step in the further growth of Ukrainian musical traditions!

Union of Ukraine Composers

Board of the National Union of Composers of Ukraine

The Board of the National Union of Composers of Ukraine sincerely welcomes all participants and organizers of the XI Music Olympiad “the Voice of the Country”. This large music forum is designed to reveal the young talents of Ukraine and becomes widely popular in the flourishing cultural environment of our country.

We are interested in following the development of the Music Olympiad and wish great success to its participants and foreshadow them new achievements in the field of development of aesthetic education of youth in Ukraine!

ЕВГЕНИЙ ФЕДОРОВИЧ СТАНКОВИЧ, Музыкальная олимпиада "Голос Країни"

Yevhen Stankovych

People’s Artist of Ukraine, the Hero of Ukraine,
Laureate of the “Taras Shevchenko State Prize”

Dear friends!

I sincerely congratulate all the participants of “the Voice of the Country” Music Olympiad!

From the very depth of my heart I wish you have a happy present and a happy future. May you have creative inspiration and personal happiness to each of you on this Earth.

Sincerely yours,
Yevhen Stankovych

Lesia Oliynyk

Doctor of Philosophy, Honored Artist of Ukraine,
winner of the “M. Lysenko Prize

Dear participants of the Olympiad!

I am convinced that each of you is already a winner of “the Voice of the Country” Olympiad, as you take part in such a prestigious and prominent art contest in Ukraine, which takes place under the patronage of the outstanding Ukrainian composer Yevhen Stankovych.

I was especially glad that each year this contest has its new zest: This year’s 16th Olympiad, among many other outstanding nominees has paid special attention to choral art. Thanks to you, dear organizers, that strive to conserve and contribute to one of the oldest and brightest traditions of Ukrainian culture.

I wish you all to preserve this feeling of joy creativity, unforgettable impressions and communication as well!

Valeriya Shulgina

Professor, Doctor of Arts, member of the National Union of Composers of Ukraine.

I sincerely congratulate the participants and organizers of the All-Ukrainian Music Olympiad “the Voice of the Country”!

I’m glad to say that after several years, the movement of musical contests in Ukraine has gained significant momentum. I was particularly impressed that this year’s contest was marked with a comeback of the outstanding musical masterpiece of Borys Lyatoshynsky – “the Solemn March”, written by the composer for the First All-Ukrainian Music Olympiad in 1931. In addition, I’m also glad that new nominations are added to the Music Olympiad almost annually, such as the groups of nominations “For outstanding knowledge of Music Theory”, “Best performance on Harpsichord”, which had been introduced in 2019.

Hence, I wish each participant great inspiration and vivid impressions! And to the organizers – successful hosting of the next Olympiad and implementation of new ideas!


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