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Oleh Bezborodko is an Associate Professor of the Department of Special Piano No. 1 of the National Music Academy of Ukraine. P.I. Tchaikovsky (Kiev). OLEH Anatolyevich graduated from the National Music Academy of Ukraine. P.I. Tchaikovsky (Kiev) by specialties piano and composition, and also Conservatoire de Neuchatel, Switzerland (Diploma of virtuosity with honors) in piano. Work experience by profession is 15 years. Scientific degree is Candidate of Science. Member of the National Union of Composers and Musicologists of Ukraine. OLEH Anatolyevich is Laureate of the State Prize by L. Revutsky (2008), laureate of the competition by S. Lyudkevich (Canada, Toronto, 1995), laureate of the competition by J. Hodgez (USA, Palm Springs, 1997), a diploma winner of the competition by N. Lysenko (Kiev, 1997), laureate of the “Gradus ad Parnassum” composers competition (Kiev, 2005), participant of the Biennale of New Music in Florida State University (USA, Tallahassee, 2015), Honorary Diploma of the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine. Jury member of the competitions: Interregional competition “Chernigov summons talents” (2003), Competition among university students in Ukraine for the scholarship of the company “Behstain” (2010), All-Ukrainian competition of pianists “Kharkov Musical Assemblies -2016”, All-Ukrainian competition of young pianists “Christmas miniatures” (Kyiv, 2016), a member of the jury for awarding the L.Revutsky prize .