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Month: June 2017

Union of Ukraine Composers

The Board of the National Union of Composers of Ukraine sincerely welcomes all participants and organizers of the XI Music Olympiad “the Voice of the Country”. This large music forum is designed to reveal the young talents of Ukraine and becomes widely popular in the flourishing cultural environment of our country.

We are interested in following the development of the Music Olympiad and wish great success to its participants and foreshadow them new achievements in the field of development of aesthetic education of youth in Ukraine!

Yevhen Stankovych

ЕВГЕНИЙ ФЕДОРОВИЧ СТАНКОВИЧ, Музыкальная олимпиада "Голос Країни"

Dear friends!

I sincerely congratulate all the participants of “the Voice of the Country” Music Olympiad!

From the very depth of my heart I wish you have a happy present and a happy future. May you have creative inspiration and personal happiness to each of you on this Earth.

Sincerely yours,
Yevhen Stankovych

Lesia Oliynyk

Dear participants of the Olympiad!

I am convinced that each of you is already a winner of “the Voice of the Country” Olympiad, as you take part in such a prestigious and prominent art contest in Ukraine, which takes place under the patronage of the outstanding Ukrainian composer Yevhen Stankovych.

I was especially glad that each year this contest has its new zest: This year’s 16th Olympiad, among many other outstanding nominees has paid special attention to choral art. Thanks to you, dear organizers, that strive to conserve and contribute to one of the oldest and brightest traditions of Ukrainian culture.

I wish you all to preserve this feeling of joy creativity, unforgettable impressions and communication as well!

Valeriya Shulgina

I sincerely congratulate the participants and organizers of the All-Ukrainian Music Olympiad “the Voice of the Country”!

I’m glad to say that after several years, the movement of musical contests in Ukraine has gained significant momentum. I was particularly impressed that this year’s contest was marked with a comeback of the outstanding musical masterpiece of Borys Lyatoshynsky – “the Solemn March”, written by the composer for the First All-Ukrainian Music Olympiad in 1931. In addition, I’m also glad that new nominations are added to the Music Olympiad almost annually, such as the groups of nominations “For outstanding knowledge of Music Theory”, “Best performance on Harpsichord”, which had been introduced in 2019.

Hence, I wish each participant great inspiration and vivid impressions! And to the organizers – successful hosting of the next Olympiad and implementation of new ideas!


ВАЛЕНТИН ЛЯШЕНКО, олимпиада "Голос Країни"
Valentin Lyashenko is a musician and a teacher. Education is the Kiev Institute of Music named by R.M.Glier. I really like to teach. I figured it out gradually. It was interesting to teach something, and see the result. Teach so that the child understands. I noticed that one pupil needs his own way of explanation, and the other needs other. I really like this process .

Victoria Zhadko

As it comes from one saying: “If the stars light up, then someone needs it…”

So be these burning stars you, dear contestants! We need it! Heat up yourself, shine on people, take the lead, warm hearts and enlighten human souls, light the way to the future both for yourself and to the others!

Larysa Dediuh

Музыкальная олимпиада "Голос Країни"

Congratulations to all participants of the “the Voice of the Country” Music Olympiad!

Let you all be ignited with spirit of creativity. The competition is a chance to go on stage and share your work, receive good emotions and keep good memories! I believe that with your efforts make an invaluable contribution to Ukrainian culture. Stay happy and creative!

Roman Hrynkiv

Congratulations to all participants of the All-Ukrainian Music Olympiad!

I wish you success and outstanding performances. With a great pleasure I look forward to see the talent of each of the participants. Accept sincere gratitude for the fact that you have chosen an artistic path in life.I believe that the desire to succeed is important, so my advice to you is that, regardless of today’s results, continue to follow this “chosen” path and never turn away from it. You are God’s chosen ones, our future of Ukrainian culture!

Dmitry Ulyanov

Congratulations to all participants of the All-Ukrainian Music Olympiad!

I wish you inspiration, creative ideas, eye-catching performances, musical victories and vivid impressions on a long and happy artistic journey.

Bohdana Pivnenko

Congratulations to all participants!

I sincerely wish you good performances, inspiration and good luck !!! Success attend you!!


Tatiana Petrashenko is an Olympics administrator, assistant for all participants, parents and teachers. Tatiana will meet you at the event with a smile and inspire you to victory!

ANASTASIA Oleinikova

АНАСТАСИЯ ОЛЕЙНИКОВА, олимпиада "Голос Країни"
Creative young people,I have no doubt that you are all, without exception, talented! But the winner in each category should be only one, and for “laurels” need not only liters of sweat from work, but also talent. Hopefully, the days of the competition for each of you will be a holiday, the experience gained from that has already become a precious reward. Good luck and inspiration to you!